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Returns & Exchange

  • You can only return the item 7 days after delivery.
  • Item should be in its complete original packaging with all accessories intact (including manuals, warranty cards, certificates of authenticity, tags, etc
  • If the item came with a free promotional item, the free item must also be returned.

Possible Reasons for Returns

Reason Description
Damaged Damaged upon delivery
Defective Does not work according to manufacturer’s specification
Wrong item The product received is not what the customer is expecting
Incorrect Item delivered was wrong in size/color
Missing items/parts The packaging has missing items/parts
Does not fit Received the size that was ordered but does not fit
Item not as described Item does not match website specifications, description or image, and issue is attributable to a website error/misinformation
Unsatisfactory Personal reasons

Items that cannot be returned

We will not accept returns for any of the following product types:
Undergarments / swimwear Jewelry Customers with refund concerns usually email our support team. The team will thoroughly evaluate the reason for refund and once they see the validity of a case, the refund process begins.


Orders placed on weekday mornings can only be cancelled before 2:00pm of the day of purchase.
Orders placed beyond 2:00pm on weekdays (except Fridays) can be cancelled before 2:00pm of the following day.
Orders placed on Friday afternoons (beyond 2:00pm), on Holidays, and on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), may be cancelled before 2:00pm of the following business day (Monday).
Beyond this, you can no longer cancel your order and withdraw the payment made. You may contact our customer service at